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Speech Corpus Design

Multi-Lingual and Multi-dialectal Speech Corpus
Speech Corpus Script Design
Speech Corpus for Recognition
Speech Corpus for Synthesis

Music Corpus Design and Annotation

Music Corpus Design
Music Corpus for Humming Recognition
Music Score and Lyric Annotation
Music Vocal to MIDI Translation

Speech Quality Evaluation

Multi-Lingual and Multi-dialectal Speech Quality Evaluation
MOS and AB Compare Test
Evaluation Text Script Design
Evaluation Tool Development


Text Script Design
Document Classification
Key Word, NER, Word Property, and Chunk Annotation


Promotional Films Dubbing
Multi-dialectal Dubbing

Image Annotation

Image Object Annotation

Additional Database Design

Hand Writing Recognition Database

Sales data


Huiting News
SINA Microblog

Huiting data is a very powerful database site, there are over 10,000 data collection and labeling staff.